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Liz Portrait by WargmoDesign Liz Portrait by WargmoDesign
Elizabeth Shadow, aka Liz

My oldest, and dearest companion. As my first real OC, based on the imaginary friend I had as a child, Liz has been with me my entire life and I have no memory of a time without her. She's my shadow, my guide and protector, my muse, and my lifeline, and without her I wouldn't be alive today. She's everything to me, and more, and when things get to the point where not even dissociating helps - as none of my other selves are even capable of handling things - that is when she saves me. She's like a pale moon, lighting up the darkest nights, helping me stay on course. I can't even put into words how important she is to me, and how much she has helped me over the years. Just doing doodles of her has been enough to pull me out of some of my deepest pits, and helped me step back back from the edge when I've been ready to jump, and end it all.

After all these years, it frustrates me beyond words how I never seem able to capture her. I've tried all kinds of art styles, stepping far beyond my own limits and comfort zone, in an attempt to draw her as I see her, but I've yet to succeed. Of all my companions, she's by far the one I have the most art of, and yet not even any of that art has been able to capture her. It's as if she's impossible to capture in an image... But I try. Oh, I try and I try, and I will never stop trying, because portraying her the way she deserves to be portrayed is one of the most important goals in my life. If anyone's worth that effort, it's her.

This is one of my most recent attempts, in my main art style, and I'm fairly pleased with it. Not my best work, but not my worst either. Colouring that white skin of hers isn't easy, but I think I managed it rather well. And no, I do not want any kind of critique or suggestions on how to improve this work of art (nor any of my artworks, really, unless I specifically ask for it). I am a fragile artist, touchy about my work, but Liz in particular is my biggest weak spot. Any negative feedback regarding her will utterly break my heart.

Liz is (c) to me, and me alone, and although you are more than welcome to draw her - oh, that I very much encourage - you are not, under any circumstance, allowed to steal her or take credit for her in any way, or use her in your own work without consulting me and asking for my permission first. But I am willing to loan her out, depending entirely on what you'd want her for, so talk to me and we'll see what we can do.


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December 19, 2015
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