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SoA:C - Luna Portrait by WargmoDesign SoA:C - Luna Portrait by WargmoDesign
Luna Anastasia, from my game~

This character is one of the tribute characters I've made - meaning that she's created based on someone from my actual life.
Luna is, not surprisingly, based on my real life cat, whom goes by the same name, and thus she has the same bitchy attitude and general dislike for everything and everyone. XD I made the character a spellcaster for hire, and so she travels the world, selling her services to whomever is stupid enough to pay her. She scams a lot of people, and does a lot of mischief, but underneath the layer of hostility and general annoyance, she's actually a pretty kind-hearted person. She has a traveling companion whom she claims to hate, a bard named Taiyo (he's based on mum's dog, lol), and they've been together for several years now. If asked about her feelings for him, she'll attempt to murder you with a spell. Better not ask. ._.

I got real lazy with the colouring towards the end of this drawing and just sort of gave up. XD
Might pick this up again and do a better version - might not. We'll see.

Luna the character is (c) copyrighted to Wargmo Design by Anett Susann Wargmo, so no touchy~
(touch her and she might just try to kill you with her spells. You've been warned)
White-Rose-Brian Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2017   Digital Artist
Not bad!
FemkeD Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
omg your amezing !!!!! if you have some free time could you chek my art ?(you don't have to )  it would mean alot to me to have you see my art ^
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June 22, 2016
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