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SoA:FS - Taka Portrait by WargmoDesign SoA:FS - Taka Portrait by WargmoDesign
Tanaka Tiishaee Canis, aka Taka, the rogue~
From Souls of Arcaiia, the Falling Stars storyline. He also appears in my Citizen Soldiers storyline, which is the one before FS.

Ohmygoshlookitthat! New artsies! :la:
I literally just finished this the other day, and so I decided to actually upload it right away instead of hiding it with the rest of my finished stuff that I've yet to upload. Why? Because Taka deserves more love and attention, and because I'm having a little period of obsessing over him these days. He's actually one of my older characters, as he's been with me for about half of my life now, and he's always been one of my favourites. There's just so many things I love about him, even though most of his backstory just breaks my heart.

Taka's had a rough life - and in some ways, parts of it is still pretty rough. His biological father was abusive and alcoholic (and the cause of most of his scars - both physically and emotionally), and to get away from that Taka often took to the streets, getting himself into all sorts of trouble. It didn't exactly help that Taka is a halfbreed between a human and a race known as the Kath, and in his homeworld the Kath are very discriminated against - hated and bullied - and Taka really learned that in all the hard ways. The Kath are generally small in size, with a third eye that can look into people's minds (the main reason for why people hate them), but the most noteworthy thing about them is their aging. When they hit puberty, the aging of their bodies slows down drastically, which has earned them the reputation of being a race of children. By the time a normal human has reached the age of 50, a Kath has barely entered their 20s - and in a world mainly populated by - and run by - humans, that is not exactly liked. Though Taka is only half Kath, his aging is still incredibly slow, so even though he should've been in his mid to late twenties by now, he's only 18 in body. To make matters even worse, Taka is transgender. Physically, he was born a cresceri (my SoA genders: SoA - Common Genders), but he identifies as male. Unfortunately, due to his race being really complicated - and nearly immune to magic - there's nothing that can be done to change his body to give him his correct gender. Basically, he's a man in his twenties that's stuck in the body of a 18 year old cresceri. Yeah, life ain't exactly been kind to him. *hugs him tightly*

But there are some good parts though! His biological father is gone, and he's been adopted by another man that's been an incredibly good father to Taka from the day they met, so on the home front things are good. And he's got good friends around him that really cares about him, as well as a decent job that he actually enjoys. Yeah, there are still a lot of things he's struggling with, but despite that he's doing his best to keep on smiling and keep moving forward, cause he knows he's got the right kind of support around him.

Augh, I just want to sit and cuddle him all day. :tighthug: :heart:

Taka is (c) copyrighted to Wargmo Design by Anett Susann Wargmo, so no touchy~
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August 30, 2016
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